Vikings and Dragons

Let`s learn about other culture and different traditions!! Vikings are waiting for us!!! Practise with these games and videos.

We program dragons

All work and no play……

Learn about Vikings and create a story out of this game! Go to explore real villages:     

Meeting a Dragon!

We met dinosaurs….now, let´s meet Dragons!  Click on the Dragon!    

“Vikings and Dragons”. Final Task 3rd Blue.



Today we turn into fierce warriors and get ready to sail and invade lands! We designed our Viking Longship

Task 3: George and the Dragon

Watch the video and write another ending for this story.

Task 2 : Viking Adventure

After watching the video. Answer What did you find about the way the Vikings lived from reading this story? What did they wear? What did they eat? Where did they live? Why did they need helmets and shields?  Can you… Leer Más →

TASK 1: The Cavern Crasher

We´ll start by watching some episodes of a TV show of the creators of How to train your dragon. The task is to watch and solve some activities. The name of this episode is “New Dragon Revealed: Cavern Crasher” 1)… Leer Más →

Pop Corn Time!

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Hello kids! If you haven’t had the chance of watching this amazing movie of these fascinating creatures, watch it here. The audio is in English. But in case you want to change the language options… Leer Más →

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