Adaptation in plants how do plants adapt to different climates?

Watch the video and learn about the different habitats!

Science fun!

Create conditions for a plant to grow! Go to the website and have fun!   Site: Science Kids      

Parts of a Plant.

Plants teach us important things and we are learning about them . Here we have a video that shows the most important parts and how they work. Watch the video and revise the parts and functions of the parts of… Leer Más →

“From Seed to Plant”

We have worked and learnt a lot in this project. 3rd Blue prepared some riddles for you to guess what part of the plant they are talking about. And 3rd Green worked on what a plant needs to grow well…. Leer Más →


Activity 2 Let’s help Sparky with these activities on growing plants! Let’s help this plant grow! Activity 1 What do plants need to grow healthy? We learn the needs of plants thanks to this video and in the second activity, we… Leer Más →

Jack and the beanstalk

Let’s watch the story!!! Pay attention to the CHARACTERS, SETTING and PROBLEM of the story    

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